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RJ Dance is one of only a few civil engineering contractors in the South East able to undertake Flexipave* Projects

Flexipave* – The original flexible porous paving system

F lexipave, developed by K.B.Industries  represents the genesis and cornerstone of flexible paving technology.

Developed in 2001, it created the gold standard for flexible porous paving. Years of development and refinement have created the world’s finest porous paving technology; able to withstand the rigours of modern infrastructure while providing long-lasting, comprehensive, cost-effective solutions.

Features of Flexipave:

  • Flexible – It does not crack or settle
  • Porous – allows water to penetrate to tree roots
  • Cleansing – reduces dissolved nitrates and phosphates by as much as 88%
  • Proves a safe and secure surface
  • Sustainable – uses high volume of recycled materials in its construction.

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