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Health & Safety

Established in 1976, RJ Dance is committed to complying with all Health & Safety Requirements

Health & Safety Policy

In recognition and acceptance of our responsibilities, it is the Policy of R.J. Dance (Contractors) Limited to implement effective measures, so far as are reasonably practicable, to provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injury and ill health to all workers and all persons who may be affected from our civil engineering, highway maintenance and improvement operations.

Through our consultation and participation processes we engage the personal commitment of every member of our Company to fulfil our legal obligations and other requirements, to eliminate hazards and reduce occupational health and safety risks within our workplaces and to the continual improvement of our Occupational Health & Safety management and performance.

To ensure achievement of this Policy, an Occupational Health & Safety Management System is established to meet, and continue to meet, the requirements of ISO 45001.

R.J. Dance’s  Health & Safety Objectives are :

  • To undertake our work on an incident-free basis and absent from personal injury or ill health.
  • To ensure that all personnel are suitably trained and competent to undertake their work without risk to themselves or others and that they fully co-operate in the successful discharge of their health & safety responsibilities through delivered Policy and achieved Objectives and performance measures.
  • To keep fully aware of and to comply with all appropriate and current health and safety legislation, regulations, codes of practice, relevant contractual requirements and good practices.
  • To continually review and monitor all aspects relating to our activities to identify opportunities for implementing health & safety performance improvement.
  • To ensure that this Policy and supporting processes are understood by and communicated throughout the organisation, that all have the opportunity of participating, being involved and have every opportunity to contribute to health and safety issues and that this Policy is made available to interested parties.

Health & Safety Management implementation is through application of the R.J. Dance Occupational Health & Safety Management System, compliance to which is mandatory. R.J. Dance will endeavour to ensure that all relevant aspects of good Health & Safety Management are effective in operation and that the all persons working with and for our organisation are fully aware of their roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in this regard.

It is our responsibility to ensure our Occupational Health & Safety Management System functions correctly and its effectiveness is maintained through monitoring, control, audit and review.

The Company’s Occupational Health & Safety Policy and Objectives will be monitored and formally reviewed on an annual basis in January each year to ensure ongoing effectiveness and relevance.

This Occupational Health & Safety Policy and Objectives will be made available to all Interested Parties through our website.

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