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Environmental Policy

As a regional provider of highway maintenance works and minor civil engineering projects operating in the South East of England, R.J. Dance (Contractors) Limited recognises the need to carry out our activities in an environmentally sensitive manner so as to minimise adverse environmental impacts. Every member of our organisation is committed to continual improvement, the fulfillment of our environmental compliance obligations, the protection of the environment, the prevention of pollution, the conservation of resources and the elimination of environmental hazards which may be associated with our activities.

We are focused upon continually reducing our environmental impact by the provision of appropriate resources, training and investment and by monitoring all aspects relating to our activities to identify opportunities for implementing environmental performance improvements.

We further seek to integrate sustainability into our business strategies and policies across all our operations, and as such promote a sustainability best practices and the optimised use in the consumption of resources among our Clients and Interested Providers.

To ensure achievement of this Policy, a Business Management System is established, communicated and understood and will to meet and continued to meet, the requirements of ISO 14001. The Company will endeavour to ensure that all relevant aspects of good Environmental Management are effective in operation and that the all persons working with and for our organisation are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities in this regard.

Environmental Objectives will be set and will be communicated to support this Policy and our organisation’s changing context.

It is our responsibility to ensure our Business System functions correctly and its effectiveness is maintained through monitoring, control, audit and review.

The Company’s Environmental Policy will be monitored and formally reviewed on an annual basis in January each year to ensure its ongoing effectiveness and relevance.

This Environmental Policy will be made available to all Interested Parties through our website.

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